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Adventure Programs at Camp Gifford


Climbing Tower (Goliath)
We have an amazing three-sided Climbing tower consisting of an easy side, a challenging side, and a rappel. We affectionately call our climbing tower Goliath because, well, it is big!

This is a good element for talking about goals and barriers.  Having the climbers choose a minimum goal (a goal they absolutely know the can achieve) and a maximum goal (a goal they know they will need to push themselves to achieve) can create good opportunity for discussion afterwards.

Goliath can also be used for rappelling. The rappel is done on the third side of the Climbing Tower (the side that has boards on the top six feet only).  The set up can vary depending on whether it is being used in conjunction with the Climbing Tower or as a stand-alone element. 







Flying Squirrel

The dynamics of this element, and the type of Belay, is similar to the Giant Swing.  A rope will be pulled through a set of pulleys using a placeholder line.  The participant will be hooked to one end and the group placed on the other end.  After a countdown all participants (including the group) run together in the same direction.  The participant (squirrel) will run into the air as tension is placed on the line by the group’s motion.






Giant Swing

Participants in the Giant Swing will climb up about 3-4 steps on a ladder and be clipped on a line.  The ladder is removed and the rest of the group pulls the participant into the air until they say, “Stop!”.  The participant will count “1…, 2…., 3…!” and pull a release on “3” causing them to swing!  After the participant slows down the facilitator will gently stop them – the ladder will be brought back out – and they will be able to dismount.



Zip Line

A high element consisting of a Zip platform (located up a tree on the hillside – this is the “leap-off” point), a dismount platform (an area in the middle of the meadow where the participant will be safely lowered to the ground) and a cable running across the meadow at varied heights (the line they will zip upon).



Multi-Vine Traverse

A cable connected between two trees at a height of approximately 25’ with ropes dangling at various intervals.  The participant will climb a tree using a ladder and staples and walk across the cable using the ropes for support. 

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