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Are your kids spending hours on the couch playing video games, when what you really want is for them to be outside, in a safe environment, where they can be active and have fun?

A recent study reports individuals who spent 30 minutes a week outside were more likely to experience better health. “Specifically, our results suggest that up to a further seven percent of depression cases and nine percent of high blood pressure cases could be prevented if all city residents were to visit green spaces at least once a week for an average duration of 30 minutes or more,” the study reported. The Forbes article says the research is unique because the dosing aspect can be narrowed to a certain amount of time. Read the full-article below.

Children need to get outside and play with other children their age in a safe environment where they are surrounded by caring adults. At Camp Gifford we offer hiking, archery, fishing, kayaking, swimming, arts and crafts, chapel time, team building, zip line, climbing tower, and many other activities.

So why The Salvation Army, Camp Gifford?

Let's move the clock back a little bit.........

The summer of 1897- and 20 tents pitched in Kansas City's Fairmont Park. That was the first known Salvation Army camping experience in the United States. Some twenty plus years later in 1921, then called Camp Cougar, located outside Spokane, The Salvation Army camping experience in the Inland Northwest had begun. Over 90 years later, Camp Gifford is still in operation, giving children a positive outdoor experience.

The Salvation Army
Camp Gifford

Our camps run Monday through Friday to help parents with a full schedule to have something safe and educational for their children.

Our main camp on Deer Lake works with children 7 - 12 years old.

Camp Cougar, our wilderness camp, works with teens 13-17 years old. 

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